Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vaduz, Part #1

Whoopsies! Life just got a bit busy and I forgot to upload the rest of my pics.. I warn you, there are quite a few... I'll try to organise them into coherent post-sized groups.

Today's bunch are from Vaduz, which is the main town (capital city?) in Liechtenstein. It is overlooked by Schloss Vaduz, the home of the royal family.

There are quite a few sculptural arty pieces around the town. Every time I have been in Vaduz, there are different works of art dotted around the main shopping area.
 Quite often, these works of art are interactive. This one is a water feature; quite nice on a hot day (which it was not. Miss J, however, was undeterred).
 The Landesmuseum, which is basically, the museum of Liechtenstein history.
 The town clock. It's a Rolex, of course.
 One of the many banks. Liechtenstein, being a tax haven, is packed with banks. I have no idea how many, but they are all impressive, with the most bulletproof looking windows I have ever seen. When I told one of the Sana manufacturers that I was off to visit my sister in Liechtenstein, he asked 'does she own a bank?'. Apparently it's not an uncommon occupation or.. hobby? What do you do? I collect banks.
Stamps. One of the quirks of Liechtenstein is that, in spite of being intimately wedged between Switzerland and Austria, they have maintained their own postal system and stamps. They are very proud of this piece of culture: there is even a stamp museum, which I will show you in Vaduz, part 2. In the main shopping area, there are stamp prints at various places on the paving.
 Antonio's Pizza Bar. This is one of the few 'must go' places for food in Liechtenstein. Antonio is from Italy, he wears elevator shoes and his hair is in an amazing quiff that must consume a can of hairspray every day.  But, what is most amazing is the pizza. Thin, crispy, absolutely divine - you will think you are in Rome.
 This is a sign that was in the lift. I think it means 'don't use the lift if there is a fire'. Or it could mean don't get frisky in the lift. It's a catholic country, people.
 The Swarovski shop. Very sparkly.
 The Kunstmuseum. For those of you currently suppressing giggles, kunst means art.  Caz and I paid our fourteen francs and wandered around with wide eyes on my second to last day there. It's a modern art museum, which means that everything I saw there is currently filed in the 'WTF?' section of my mind, along with every Haruki Murakami novel I've ever read. That visit deserves a post of it's own. It was.. something.
Stand by for Vaduz, part #2. I think you are in for a three part blog mini-series.

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  1. What beautiful photos! I'm a personal trainer in Chicago and I'm traveling to Australia for my honeymoon in May. Can you recommend any interesting dishes or restaurants?

    Michael Moody
    Author of Redefine Yourself: The Simple Guide to Happiness


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