Sunday, October 21, 2012


Balzers is a small town of ~4500 people on the east banks of the Rhine, in Liechtenstein. It was a grey August day last year. You can read a bit more about Balzers on this link.

The main features of Balzers are the church and Balzers Castle. I'm not going to say we were bored, but.. there wasn't a lot to do. However, if your mission is beautiful walking paths, lovely scenery and peaceful quiet, Balzers is definitely the place to go.

It's also an awesome place to set kids free. Lots of playgrounds and not much traffic.

In 2011, the supermarket did not accept credit cards. That might have changed by now, but maybe not. Liechtensteiners love cash and maintain a healthy suspicion of electronic payments.

Organic bread! 

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